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Malmö Redhawks - Live score

Malmö Redhawks is a hockey team from Sweden who plays in SHL. They are currently lead by their coach Tomas Kollar who successfully has made sure that the club has achieved outstanding results recently. Malmö Redhawks, also called MIF, comes from the large city Malmö in Sweden which has 350 000 inhabitants. The club is usually associated with the color black, white & red and their supporters are very proud of the club emblem.

Malmö Redhawks - Since 1972

Malmö Redhawks has a pretty long history when the club was founded 51 years ago, ie already 1972. 1 years ago it was 50-year celebration and in 24 years Malmö Redhawks will honour their 75-year celebration. keeps you up to date with Malmö Redhawks and gives you a fast and customized game schedule for . Follow Malmö Redhawks and keep track of their seasons and current score during the match, goal scorers and results.